What is PoC?

14 Jan. 2019   Information

PoC stands for Push-to-talk Over Cellular. It is not strictly a two-way radio technology but behaves very much like one. PoC is the technique of using the mobile phone network to make calls that behave like conventional two-way radio with instant-access and one-to-many calls but with the advantage of the world-wide coverage of the Cellular phone networks, GSM, 3G, 4G etc.

PoC is particularly suited to end-users requiring wide-area coverage, such as: taxi & general transportation companies, law enforcement, private security guards, construction sites, logistics, box movers, agriculture industry, and anyone else how needs 2-way professional radio communications without range restrictions.

PoC advantages over conventional two-way radio:
• Unlimited Range communication
• License Free
• Easy to deploy
• Save a lot of cost for repeater or trunking system.

There are three costs to PoC systems:
• Hardware costs. The one-off cost of the PoC device.
• PoC Server access. There is usually a small annual fee per user to access the PoC network.
• SIM card costs. A SIM card with only a data allowance is needed. This can be a single or multi-network SIM. The latter will give best coverage in remote areas.

PoC is essential a software application (client) on a mobile device which talks to a cloud based PoC Server. The Server controls routing of the PoC calls to all the mobile devices in your network. The mobile device can be a dedicated PoC handset, any mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer capable of running the Client App.

By far the most convenient device to use is a dedicated PoC handset because functionally it behaves like a two way radio with a PTT button and very loud speaker all in a tough housing. Far more convenient to use than a smartphone or tablet which has neither dedicated buttons nor a very loud speaker.

HQT provides a whole PoC solution with its own PoC platform and LTE PoC radios (GH-555LTE, GH-288LTE, etc), which wins customers’ attention with the following advantages:
• Linux embedded system, which is a more professional industrial application.
• With Qualcomm baseband chip which provides the best voice quality.
• HQT provides both HW and SW. The HW and SW are deeply integrated.
• It is easy to manage suppliers and solve issues in case of any problem, since HQT provides the whole solution while most of suppliers could only provide either devices or platform.
• License Free. No extra charge for HQT PoC platform.
• With 1.5M PoC radios being sold and 1.2M users being registered, HQT PoC solution has been well tested in market.
• Zero accident with HQT platform in the last 2.5 years.
• User friendly design: Emergency contact, Emergency group etc.

PoC has emerged like a butterfly from its chrysalis onto the stage traditionally dominated by PMR and addresses many of the issues that mobile and wide-area users have struggled with, especially breaks the range restrictions to enhance the communication convenience.

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