Emergency Dispatch System—Public Security Solution

Emergency Dispatch System—Public Security Solution

With the changes of international economy, politics and cultures, more and more security emergencies and terrorist incidents have been occurring all around the world. Thanks to the development of technologies, communication devices such as fixed telephones and cell-phones are pervasive, but once the public security emergency, or the massive incident, especially the terrorist attack breaks out, the traditional communication methods fail our needs of on-site dispatching and rescuing. It is imperative to have an efficient dispatching and rescuing system. Most of these events and incidents break out in crowded surroundings such as the airport, the bus station, the metro and the large-scale event locations, which do not have a fixed time, a fixed location (mostly in a specific place) and predictable participants. Thus, the significance and core of the dispatching and rescuing mission are to conveniently build an efficient emergency communication system and to dispatch and assign all the participants in real time. Based on this, we offer this efficient solution.

The Emergency Dispatch System is mainly applied to the on-site dispatching and assignment of emergency and incident events such as the mid- and small-scale local security, stability maintaining, emergency handling and rescuing tasks, which can help our customers build an efficient on-site dispatching and rescuing net.
This Emergency Dispatch System is specially for those applications which value dispatching.

Emergency Dispatch System

(a) Monitor the online/offline status of terminals for dispatching;
(b) Flexible dispatching methods (to dispatch one single man or groups or all devices);
(c) Call history;
(d) Messages;
(e) High efficient and easy to use.

Customer Value
With mobile private communication network, our solution can provide the security workers with smooth communication to avoid the possibilities of accidents and emergencies.
As for the occurred mass disturbance, our solution can help on-site workers dispatch and monitor the scene of the accident in real time to control the situation and reduce the losses and casualties.

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